ASS Files (.ass)

Ass Files created by Golaem Crowd (either from the Render Proxy or from the Simulation Exporter) defines how Arnold should handle the exported Simulation Caches and render them as Crowd Characters. Here's how those information are stored in the .ass file for the following example:

And the corresponding .ass file:

  declare frame constant FLOAT
  frame 8
  declare crowdFields constant STRING
  crowdFields "crowdField1"
  declare cacheName constant STRING
  cacheName "render"
  declare cacheFileDir constant STRING
  cacheFileDir "N:/tests/export/render/cache"
  declare characterFiles constant STRING
  characterFiles "N:/assets/crowd/characters/crowdMan.gcha"
  declare proxyName constant STRING
  proxyName "renderProxyShape1"
  declare layoutEnable constant INT
  layoutEnable 1
  declare layoutFile constant STRING
  layoutFile ""
  declare terrainFile constant STRING
  terrainFile ""
  declare motionBlurEnable constant INT
  motionBlurEnable 0
  declare motionBlurStart constant FLOAT
  motionBlurStart -0.5
  declare motionBlurWindowSize constant FLOAT
  motionBlurWindowSize 1
  declare motionBlurSamples constant INT
  motionBlurSamples 2
  declare subdivParams constant STRING
  subdivParams "0 0 0 0 0 1 0"
  declare objectIdBase constant INT
  objectIdBase 666
  declare objectIdMode constant INT
  objectIdMode 0
  declare renderPercent constant FLOAT
  renderPercent 100
  declare geometryTag constant INT
  geometryTag 0
  declare instancingEnable constant INT
  instancingEnable 1
  declare frustumCullingEnable constant INT
  frustumCullingEnable 0
  declare frustumMargin constant FLOAT
  frustumMargin 10
  declare cameraMargin constant FLOAT
  cameraMargin 10
  declare logLevel constant INT
  logLevel 1
  declare defaultMaterial constant STRING
  defaultMaterial "crowdProxyDefaultShaderSG"
  declare dirmap constant STRING
  dirmap ""

When generating the .ass file with the Arnold Render Proxy, all those attributes are filled automatically depending on the Proxy node attributes. As the Arnold Render Proxy is based on the Arnold Standin node; notice that the other options (primary visibility, casts shadows...) are handled automatically by the Standin mechanism. When generating the .ass with the Simulation Exporter, only the attributes listed in the tab are filled. The other attributes are created with their default value.

Notice that the Arnold Render Proxy and the Simulation Exporter both generates one .ass file per frame (each of them having a different value for the current frame to render).