Character Palette Overview

The Character Palette allows to preview and edit character meshes from a previously exported Simulation Cache displayed with a Simulation Cache Proxy. The Character Palette works in association with the Simulation Cache Layout.

Edit character meshes creates a new deformation layer in the Simulation Cache Layout. The Set Mesh Assets deformation layer.


Character Palette Overview

The Character Palette panel displays the information and current meshes of the selected character or group of characters in the Simulation Cache Proxy node.

Notice that if several characters are selected, the Character Palette will only show shared meshes. If selected characters are from a different Character Files, the Name of the Character will become a combo box to select the type of Character to edit.

Character Meshes Edition

Edit Character Rendering Type

To modify selected characters' rendering type, use the Rendering Type combo box and select a Rendering Type in the list.

Add/Remove Meshes

To add meshes to selected characters, select desired meshes in the "available meshes" list and press the add button 

To remove meshes, select undesired meshes in the "current meshes" list and press the remove button .

Tips: Use contextual menu or double-click to add or remove meshes from the "current meshes" and "available meshes" lists.

Copy/Paste Meshes

Use the copy button  or CTRL+C to copy the current character meshes (the copy only works with a single selected character). Then select other characters and press the paste button  or CTRL+V to perform the paste action.


Shuffle Meshes

To shuffle selected characters meshes press the dice button .

With the shuffle meshes action,the new set of meshes is randomly selected among the Geometry Assets distribution rules of the selected Rendering Type, as defined in the Character Geometry.