Assets Association

The Crowd Assets Association file (.caa) contains the association between exported Entities and Rendering Types (ie. Entity of id 1 has Rendering Type 2). It is used by the renderer plugins to manage the appearance of Entities. Thus, when exporting a simulation, Rendering Types must be assigned to Entity Types.

A Crowd Assets Association file is automatically exported for each Crowd Field exported with the Simulation Exporter, in the same directory than exported Simulation Cache files.


Sometimes, understanding the content of the Crowd Assets Association file can be useful to debug a rendering. Its syntax is straightforward:

<XMLSerialization pointerID="1">
    <rngSeed value="0"/> // seed to use to compute the assets distribution of the listed entities
        <element>                             // for each exported entity...
            <element index="0" value="5246"/> // associate its Entity Id (5246)...
            <element index="1" value="8"/>    // with a RenderingType Id (8)
        // other <element>...</element> tags...


Name Convention

The Crowd Assets Association File follows the following name template:


It is exported in the same directory that the Simulation Cache files of the same name.