The glmSimulationCacheEditorImport imports cache informations into Maya skeletons or Maya curves
glmSimulationCacheEditorImport [-cacheName][-cacheFileDir][-startFrame][-endFrame][-entityIds][-update][-transformId][-trajectoryVisibility][-trajectory]


Long name (short name) Argument types Properties Description
-cacheName(-cn) string mandatory specifies the cache name to import from
-cacheFileDir(-cd) string mandatory specifies the cache directory 
-startFrame(-sf) float mandatory specifies the first frame to import
-endFrame(-ef) float mandatory specifies the last frame to import
-entityIds(-eid) string mandatory specifies the entity IDs that the operation will work on
-update(-u) string   specifies a Simulation Cache Proxy
-transformId(-tid) integer   specifies for a trajectory import if it creates Transform Layer
-trajectoryVisibility(-tv) integer   specifies if the trajectory is visible
-trajectory(-t) integer   specifies the frames step for importing a trajectory instead of an animated skeleton

Return Value

This command returns the name string of the first node for the Maya imported skeleton.

MEL Examples

// import Maya animated skeleton for entity 2001 from frame 10 to frame 100 using cache proxy cacheProxyShape1
glmSimulationCacheEditorImport -update "cacheProxyShape1" -cacheName "simpleSetupLayout" -cacheFileDir "d:/export" -startFrame 10 -endFrame 100 -entityIds "2001"; 
// Result: 2001#Character_2001_Reference# // 
// import a Maya trajectory curve for entity 4001 for frames ranging 1 to 250 
glmSimulationCacheEditorImport -update "cacheProxyShape1" -cacheName "simpleSetupLayout" -cacheFileDir "d:/export" -startFrame 1 -endFrame 250 -entityIds "4001" -trajectory 1 -trajectoryVisibility 1;