Video Tutorials

Here is a list of video tutorials for Golaem. They mainly highlight the workflow or precise points of the usage of Golaem.

Note that there are also lots of step by step text tutorials for classic use cases such as Populating a Stadium, Populating City, Creating Formations, Rendering in your favorite software... in the TUTORIALS SECTION

Workflow Overview

Quick Start
Everything you need to know to start playing with Golaem

New Cache/Render workflow
Highlight the changes made in 5.2 to the cache/render workflow

Workflow Overview
A 1 hour overview of the Golaem workflow, from assets to rendering
(!!!using the old render workflow!!!)

Build a rendering scene from caches
How to create a new scene based on one (or more) simulation cache(s). This is especially useful when handling your simulations to other department (lighting, FX...)

Assets Conversion

Converting Animations (by Nixolas)
Nixolas shows how to tweak and import an animation into Golaem

Assets Variations
Use the new nodal Character Maker to create characters variations

Golaem 5 new features

Layout Tool
Manipulate and customize simulated characters

Trigger Editor
Create advanced conditions for starting/stopping behaviors

Advanced Tutorials

Archers Battle
Learn how to use Master/Slave behavior, Physics, Collision trigers...

Drive Maya Objects
Attach or drive Maya objects with a Golaem simulation cache (for hair, clothes, dust...)

Blind Data
Attach your own data to control custom shading, muscles...


Using the butterfly character (by Nixolas)
Nixolas shows how to use his free ready-to-use butterfly character pack