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Golaem Installation Package

See installation guide here

Maya 2016.5 Warning

Note that, the Maya 2016 package is not compatible with Maya 2016ext2 (aka 2016.5). Please download the 2016.5 package if you run this version.

Golaem Character Pack and samples

See installation guide here

NB: the Character Pack HD only contains the HD casual and busines man, for other characters and sample scenes, install the GolaemCharacterPack


Golaem Plugin for Katana

For installation guide and workflow details, see here

NB: The Katana plugin is now included in the Maya 2018 version of the main Golaem package

Golaem Plugin for 3dsMax+V-Ray

For installation guide and workflow details, see here


Golaem Floating license server files

These files are only needed when setting up a floating license server. Note that you will also need the RLM binaries.
Note that the Golaem license server will only run on Golaem supported platforms: Windows or Linux, NOT MacOS
For full details about how to setup a floating license server see the License Setup Page