PPAttribute Trigger

The PPAttribute Trigger enables to start or stop a behavior by returning true if a per-particle field is successfully compared to a reference value.


  • Behavior Editor / Trigger Library: 
  • Golaem Menu: Crowd Triggers / Triggers / CrowdTri PPAttribute Node
  • MEL command: glmCrowdTriPPAttributeCmd;


A PPAttribute Trigger defines the following specific attributes. For common attributes see Trigger Common Attributes.

PPAttribute Attributes

PPAttribute Name The name of the per-particle field to check. If the PPAttribute is a vector attribute, the comparison is made with the norm of the vector. It is also possible to specify a component of a vector attribute by postfixing the name of the attribute with "[x]", "[y]" or "[z]". See ppAttributes Handling.

A comparison operator (equal, greater than…)


A reference value.