Rendering RIB Files

Adding Golaem Crowd Characters to a RIB Scene

Golaem Crowd only exports crowd related information in its RIB files. These files must be included in a RIB file describing a complete scene (camera, lights, geometry, etc.). The scene RIB can either be created from scratch or using a RIB exporter from Maya (recommended).
The Golaem Crowd RIB files can be included in the RIB scene using the ReadArchive command before the WorldEnd command.
Here's a simple example of such a RIB scene file
##RenderMan RIB
#version 3.03

FrameBegin 3 # {
       Option "searchpath" "string procedural" ["${RMSTREE}/lib/plugins:N:/plugins/rendermanPlugin/:@"]
       Option "user" "string plugin_depends" ["fbxsdk-2012.1.dll"]
       Option "searchpath" "string shader" ["${RMSTREE}/lib/shaders/:N:/shaders/:@"]
       Option "searchpath" "string texture" ["${RMSTREE}/lib/textures/:N:/textures/:@"]
       Display "scene.tif" "framebuffer" "rgba"
       Format 1280 720 1 # Picture Size
       Clipping 0.001 1000 # Camera Clipping Planes
       PixelSamples 4 4 # Smoothing Sample
       ShadingRate 1 # Shading Rate
       Shutter 0. 1. # Motion Blur
       Projection "perspective" "fov" 40 # Camera Persp
       Option "statistics" "endofframe" [1]
       Translate 4 -4 0.0
       Rotate -20 1 0 0
       Rotate 90 0 1 0
       # You should include your set, lighting,… here
       # include crowd RIB here
       ReadArchive "N:/crowd/export/rib/crowdScene.750.rib"
FrameEnd # }
As in the above example, you will most likely need to add extra commands that specify the location for
  • the Crowd renderer plugin: Option "searchpath" "string procedural"
  • its dependencies: Option "user" "string plugin_depends"
  • shaders: Option "searchpath" "string shader"
  • textures: Option "searchpath" "string texture"