City and Public Spaces

Populate city streets and public spaces with passers-by

Add life to empty spaces. Place a few passers-by in a city street or populate a full city. 

Golaem can automatically detect roads or sidewalks and make your characters navigate in the city.

Golaem will also determine the best blend of motions to follow their trajectories and generate the variety essential to realism.

Free, Ready-to-use Assets

Golaem Assets include a man and woman characters with plenty of outfits, as well as an HD character more suited to business neighbourhood.

Use 3rd party characters like Mixamo, or even your own characters. Retarget our locomotion motions on them in a few clicks

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Easily place characters on sidewalks

Compute navigable areas with the Golaem Navigation Mesh tool.

Place characters in these areas without bothering about obstacles. 

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Let characters find their way and avoid each others

Golaem characters can find their way to a precise target or simply wander in your scene.

They will avoid each others, obstacles and will not cross building walls.

No programming skills are needed.

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Realistic Animation

Golaem will determine the perfect blending of motions to adapt characters animation to their trajectories.

You can also modify their style or add details by mixing motions on different parts of their bodies, or offsetting part of their animation

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Variety At your service

It is very uncommon to find two people dressed the same way in a street.

Based on assets groups and simple rules, Golaem can randomize the different outfits and shaders of your characters.

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Procedural Rendering

Your scenes are probably already heavy because of all the buildings geometry. No need to make them heavier because of the population.

Golaem just add a few nodes to your scenes and store simulation in lightweight cache files. The final geometry is generated at render time directly in the renderer memory.

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