Boost your pipe productivity

Golaem helps you to create lively backgrounds while leaving you more time to focus on animating your main characters.

Take advantage of Golaem layout and animation tools. Avoid repetitive tasks and focus on where you art is.

Layout tool

Before you even start animating, Golaem can help you to place characters and roughly animate them for previz or layout purpose.

Golaem Layout provides a fast viewport display and assist you when manipulating your characters. Because it works as layers, you can easily replace your first rough animation with a better one without redoing all the layout steps.

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Squash & Stretch

Because it may be part of your animation style, Golaem provides squash & stretch support for your rigs.

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Let characters find their way and avoid each others

Making a few characters walk in the background of your scene is very straightforward.

In a few clicks you can place characters, give them a precise target and let them give life to your production.

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Automatic ground adaptation

Do not lose time and money repeating motion loops and adapting characters feet to the ground.

Golaem provides automatic ground adaptation, even with dynamic grounds.

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More diversity in your shots

Create an outfits library and let Golaem randomize them in order to generate a more varied population.

The whole process is very controllable and enable you to specify rules like "no winter coat with short pants". 

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Procedural Rendering

No need to work with big and slow scene files.

Golaem just add a few nodes to your scenes and store simulation in lightweight cache files. The final geometry is generated at render time directly in the renderer memory.

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Blind Data

Using more than joint and blendshape animations? Golaem can store, blend and procedurally animate your own data in its animation pipeline.

Control custom shader attributes, muscles systems or custom facial rigs...