Create epic battles

You have been assigned with the challenge of creating a huge battlefield and do not know where to start?

Creating a battle shot often implies working in several areas: formations, locomotion on accidented terrain, horses, physics simulation, interaction with fx... 

Golaem tackles all these areas and help you streamline your production. 

Free, Ready-to-use Assets

Golaem comes with three ready-to-use soldiers style:

  • Roman style (swordman, spearman)
  • Medieval style (swordman, spearman, bannerman, archer)
  • Horse and rider

You can either customize these assets, or create your own.

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Paint Battle fields or Create Formations

Use the paint tool to place soldiers on the battlefield while controlling density, or create well organized formations and duplicate them.

Golaem provides several placement methods so that you can always find one fitting your use-case.

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Let fighters target opponents and avoid each others

Make opposite armies run at each others. Create battle choreographies with formations.

Golaem enables you to specify targets to your soldier and let them find their way to their chosen opponent in order to crush his head.

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Do not bother with ground adaptation

Battle grounds are usually very accidented. Adapting characters feet to the ground, on top of all other animation chores, can be a challenge.

Golaem provides automatic ground adaptation (foot position and orientation) so that you do not need to bother.

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explosions or falling characters

Golaem relies on Nvidia PhysX to simulate physics on your characters.

Create explosions. Detect collision with arrows and let riders fall from their horse. Make horses fall when running into obstacles...

Create crazy World War Z effects where characters pile up on each others to climb over obstacles.

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Handle horses and riders

Golaem can animate horse and rider in sync while keeping them detachable if they are hit by an arrow.

You are only a few clicks from epic cavalry shots!

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Attach FX or simulate clothes

Golaem provides 3 different methods to simulate clothes, depending on the needed level of details: replay baked cloth simulation, blend shapes and nCloth simulation.

You can also constrain objects or particle systems to your characters for dust, torches...

Last but not least, Golaem enables you to export locators or colliders for your fx team.

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