Animate complex creatures

Whether you are dealing with aliens, spiders, rats, insects, birds, fishes or even bikes, Golaem animation engine can help you.

Because they do not move like humans, Golaem also provides different ground adaptation methods and trajectory computation methods so that you can find the one which fits your needs.

Animate any character

Golaem includes a multiped animation engine which can animate any type of characters. 

The locomotion behavior will enable your creatures to choose the best set of motions based on their speed. 

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Make them walk on crazy grounds

Because insects can stick to the ceiling and climb walls while humans cannot, Golaem provides special ground adaptation methods for them.

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Let them find their way, avoid each others or wander

Define a navigable terrain for your creatures and let them find their way through it.

Although you can define specific targets to reach, you can also rely on the random target mode to create a lively swarm where each creature nicely avoid others.

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Create flocks of birds or fishes

Golaem comes with flocking behaviors enabling you to simulate birds, bats, fishes...

Golaem controlled characters can wander in a static flock, reach or flee a target.

You can plug geometry to be avoided, or used as perching spot

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