Place and randomize objects

Because of its powerful placement and variety creation tools, Golaem can also be used as a scattering tool.

Create camp or forests, place stones on the ground...

Powerful placement tools

Scatter objects thanks to Golaem parametric placement. Change distance, noise, orientation between each object.

Paint on the ground to define density, or load a texture map to be used as placement reference.

Golaem takes obstacles into account and automatically prevent you to populate unwanted areas.

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Generate Variety

Split your objects in different parts and control their geometry thanks to Golaem.

Use Golaem switch and HSL multipliers shaders to generate procedural shading diversity 

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Animate objects or replay baked animation

As for characters, you can use Golaem to randomize, offset or retarget motions.

Golaem can also simply replay an FBX file animation to give life to your objects.

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