Stadium & Audiences

Thousands of supporters & fans cheering for you

Populate stadiums or concert halls with thousands of fans. Easily generate geometry and shading diversity. Create a varied atmosphere by easily randomizing and mixing motions.

Last but not least, Golaem provides optimized method to render your shots as fast as possible.

Free, Ready-to-use Assets

Because your timeframe is often very short, Golaem provides ready-to-use assets so that you can start working as soon as possible.

The Man & Woman models come with tons of different outfits and varied textures and shaders. They are provided with various motions loops in different styles, e.g. either sitting or standing, happy or angry...

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Golaem Assets

Complete Workflow Explained

Place tens of thousands of characters on their seats in a few seconds and one click.

Control the distribution of each type of supporters in your crowd.

Use a Look At target to orient them.


Variety At your service

Visual variety is key to the realism of stadium / audience shots.

Based on assets groups and simple rules, Golaem can randomize the different outfits and shaders of your characters.

Paint on your crowd to draw patterns in the stadium or use a texture to create tifos.

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Procedural Rendering

Do not clutter your network and storage with tons of geometry. Golaem generates small simulation caches and create geometry on the fly directly in renderer memory.

Dramatically reduce render time by setting a camera frustum, limiting characters to be loaded to only those which are visible and without any perceptible change in the picture.

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