Character Pack Overview

The Character Pack contains ready-to-use Characters and motions. The content of the casual character is described here.


The Character Pack can be downloaded at


Check the Character Pack Installation Guide


Examples of production having used the Character Pack

Preview of the Sample Crowd Man and Crowd Woman

Preview of the Fortress Soldier

Preview of the Horse & Rider and Roman Soldier

Preview of the Car character

Preview of the Arachnid and Bee characters

Preview of the Soot Sprite characters

Preview of the Toon character


The Samples Pack contains several ready-to-render scenes:
a stadium scene with a mexican wave
a city scene with characters avoiding
a scene with traffic simulation
a scene using CHOPS for horses + soldiers
a scene with characters emission & physics
a scene with archers firing arrows
a synced close combat scene
a scene using the soldier and horse asset
a scene demonstrating physics behaviors
a scene with a physics attraction example
showing how to simulate characters on walls
a scene which demonstrate flocking behaviors
a scene which demonstrate Channel Operators
a scene which explains animation layers
showing how to create morphological diversity
showing how to handle and artistically control fur

Using the Character Pack Character

The way to build a scene using the Golaem Crowd Character Pack is described in the Quickstart


The Character Pack can be customized to match your production needs, see here.

Using the Sample Scenes

Sample scenes are located in the scenes/ directory of the Samples Pack installation directory.

See Using the Sample Scenes to know how to configure the sample scenes for your own renderer.