Check out how FuseFX populate dozens of TV shows with Golaem extras. Crowd TD Adam Broad shares some insights and breakdowns with us.

Discover how French VFX and Animation studio Circus used Golaem to populate cities with pedestrians and car traffic for entire seasons of Lego City Adventures Series.

Jeremy Ringard, from ON Animation tell us about how ON Animation used Golaem to create a Playmobil battle and fill a coliseum with 40 000 characters in Playmobil: The Movie.

Method Studios delivered hundreds of lively grandstands crowd shots for Ford vs Ferrari. Tim Riley, Head of Crowds in Vancouver, tell us about their workflow and how they pushed characters quality.

BlueBolt used Golaem to animate killer bees in a dauting sequence in which they crawl onto the moving and deforming main actor's face. Yannick Cibin tell us about the challenges involved in this sequence and how Golaem helped to deliver the shots