Benjamin Dupin, Crowd Supervisor at Mikros Animation Paris tell us about how he and his team developped a powerful pipeline around Golaem for the acclaimed TMNT: Mutant Mayhem movie. He goes into details about how they were able to fit with the unique graphic style, and insuflate life to New York city.

Michael Ercolano, 3D Generalist at BlueBolt comes back to BlueBolt's work on The Last Kingdom, the historical TV Show based on Bernard Cornwell’s novels The Saxon Stories. BlueBolt has been working on The Last Kingdom since 2015 and the scale and realism of the crowds had increased every season, until the latest feature special "Seven Kings Must Die". 

Louis Maero, Crowd Simulation Lead at MPC Paris explains in details the challenges of creating 240 epic battle shots for The Astérix & Obélix: l'Empire du Milieu movie.

Fireheart is L'Atelier Animation's second animated feature film about the story of a young woman New York firefighter. L'Atelier Animation populated Broadway with cars and pedestrians. Akie Prapas, Layout Supervisor, tell us about their workflow.

Philippe Fournier, Fullscreen’s CEO, and Jean Burtschell, Crowd Artist take us behind the curtains of the war machines and armies attacking King Arthur’s castle in Kaamelott - Premier Volet.