Crowd Simulation, Layout & Previz tools for Maya

Digital Extras At Your Fingertips

Golaem makes it easy and affordable to populate worlds with directable digital characters, from a few to thousands. Artists from all over the globe use Golaem to bring life to commercials, episodic productions, feature films and games.

Golaem Layout
from 160€/month
from 650€/month
Free & Unlimited PLE

Give Life to All Your Projects

Golaem is your tool of choice to quickly populate 3D scenes.

Humans, horses, birds or extraordinary creatures, Golaem can animate anything.

And remember: Two's company, three's a crowd!


Ambient Population

Populate city streets with directable digital extras


Quickly layout scenes Create a more lively universe


Get tens of thousands of supporters cheering for
you in minutes


Animate aliens, spiders, insects, birds, fishes
or even bikes!


Create epic battles including swords,
horses, explosions...


Quickly place and animate bikes, tents, trees...

Golaem - Crowd Simulation

Golaem gives you the power to quickly populate your scenes with smart and directable digital characters.

  • Avoid repetitive animation tasks
  • Generate more variety for more realistic shots
  • Populate backgrounds and midgrounds in minutes, not weeks
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Golaem Layout - For Previz & LAYOUT

Golaem Layout gives you total control over characters.

  • Manipulate or duplicate characters
  • Change their appearance
  • Retake or offset animation
  • Get a shot from good to perfect and validated
  • Create entire shots from a single character
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Ready-To-Use Assets or Custom Assets

Start populating shots today.

  • Take advantage of the Golaem Assets, a set of free characters and motions for all your projects
  • Use your own assets, humans, horses, creatures or even objects.
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World Class Support & Training

We have the best customer support you will ever find. And we mean it.

We cannot count the number of thank you notes from customers telling us that our support is the best one they have dealt with.

We also provide custom training either on-site or remotely.


Free, Time-Unlimited PLE License

Train yourself or your team, any time, at home or in-between jobs, with the Personal Learning Edition.

Build and maintain your pipeline around Golaem and rent licenses when projects come.

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