Golaem Layout

Whether you are polishing a Golaem characters simulation or building a simple scene from scratch, Golaem Layout enables you to easily manipulate your characters like smart GPU caches and get your shots done quicker

Layout & Previz

Quickly populate a scene without any simulation setup.

Golaem Layout allows you to efficiently visualize, manipulate and customize characters and animations directly from the Maya viewport.

You can edit or cancel modifications any time, and refine you base animations without restarting the layout from the beginning.

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Simulation Retake

Edit your simulation results without restarting the simulation from scratch.

Immediately answer change requests from supervisor or director. Select a character, move it, done!  

Even better, these modifications are non-destructive and can be kept if you need to re-export the simulation.

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Scatter trees, houses, rocks and create entire worlds with Golem Layout.

Golaem Layout provides you with a fast and easy way to scatter objects.

Open/Save scenes in a few seconds, keep the viewport interactive and benefit from lightning fast rendering.

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No more slowdown

Golaem Layout previsualization displays skinned characters geometry  while keeping the Maya viewport interactive even with hundreds of thousands of characters.

No need to split your scenes any more, Golaem characters are stored like one or more proxy / standin, hence keeping your scene files very small.

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