Golaem Layout Workflow

FAST and EASY Layout and retakes

The Golaem Layout workflow starts with a simulation cache, either generated by yourself, someone else in your studio or even in another studio.

Golaem Layout enables you to add modification layers (move, duplicate...) on top of this cache. Retake or build a completely different scene.

Because the modification layers are additive, there is no bake time when you are done and you can even reexport the original simulation and keep modifications.

1. Switch to Layout Mode
(or Import an existing cache)

It takes just one click to switch between simulation and layout mode.

To load an existing cache from scratch, create a Simulation Cache Proxy and load the cache directory.

Scrub the timeline to replay the simulation.

You are now ready to edit your cache.

2. Select one or more characters

Switch to vertex component mode selection  (F9) and select one or more characters.

They are highlighted with an orange line and ready to be transformed.

3. manipulate or Duplicate them

Use Maya manipulators (translate, rotate, scale) to transform your characters. You can choose to rotate/scale the whole group as one, or each character individually.

Hit CTRL+D to duplicate a character or a group of characters. You can then manipulate these characters, change their assets...

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4. modify geometry and shading

Open the Asset Palette to see and edit the mesh distribution for your characters.

Either hit the "I am Lucky" button to draw a new distribution, or remove and handpick new meshes.

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Asset Palette

5. retake animation (if needed)

Quickly create a new situation (e.g. having a character raising his arm) or add a bit of diversity in the motions.

Switch to edge selection mode (F10) to see the character skeleton appear. You can then select a bone and rotate it to offset the character animation during the whole sequence.

If you need to do a more precise retake, you can load the full Maya skeleton and use keyframes.

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6. Save

After all modifications are done, you can save your modification layer file.

Note that this will not destroy your original cache file but only add modifications on top of it. It is then very fast and involve no baking.

Nearly all modifications can be undone at any time.

7. Render

Rendering with Golaem Layout works the same as with Golaem.

Cache modification layers will be read and applied on top of your simulation cache to deliver the final result.

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