Golaem Layout Features

Whether you are polishing a Golaem character simulation or building a simple scene from scratch, Golaem Layout enables you to easily manipulate your characters and get your shots done quicker

GPU Viewport Previz

  • Handle any number of characters
  • Keep viewport interactive
  • Keep scene files small

Assisted Character Manipulation

  • Translate / Rotate / Scale characters & groups
  • Duplicate
  • Kill (remove from render)
  • Automatic snapping to the ground
  • Non destructive manipulations

Animation Retiming

  • Offset cache timing
  • Warp cache timing

Characters Customization

  • Character assets randomization ("I'm Lucky")
  • Character assets handpicking
  • Character render type edition

Animation Retakes

  • Joint rotation offset
  • Animated skeleton import

Procedural Rendering

  • Automatic Instancing
  • Extensive renderers support
  • Unlimited free render nodes
  • Camera frustum filter optimization
  • Custom renderer API
See Supported DCC/Renderers