Crowd Job Offers

Whether you are a studio in need for a Crowd TD or an artist looking for new challenges, this page is yours.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want us to feature your job offer here!

Crowd Jobs

Offers in bold specifically requires Golaem skills.
  • Singing Frog Studio - Montreal - Crowd Artist (click here)
  • One of Us, London - Junior Crowd TD, remote/hybrid (click here)
  • Stellar Creative Labs, Vancouver - Crowd Artist (click here)
  • Skydance, Madrid - Crowd Artist (click here)
  • Mainframe Studios, Vancouver - 3D Crowd Artist (click here)
  • Mainframe Studios, Toronto - 3D Crowd Artist (click here)
  • Lavalabs, Düsseldorf/Cologne, Stuttgart, Frankfurt - Golaem Artist (click here)
  • Mikros Animation, Montreal, Crowd Supervisor (click here)
  • Rodeo FX, Montreal, Crowd Artist (click here)
  • El Ranchito, Madrid, Barcelona or Remote - Mid/Senior Crowd TD (click here)
  • Scanline, Munich/Stuttgart - Crowd Supervisor (click here)
  • Scanline, London, Crowd Artist (click here)
  • Scanline, Montreal, Crowd Artist (click here)
  • Scanline, Montreal, Crowd Supervisor (click here)
  • Scanline, Vancouver, Crowd Artist (click here)
  • Scanline, Vancouver, CFX/Crowd TD (click here)
  • Scanline, Vancouver, Crowd Supervisor (click here)
  • Luma Pictures, Melbourne, Crowd TD (click here)
  • Framestore, Montreal, Crowd TD (click here)
  • MPC Film, London, Crowd Artist (click here)
  • Dreamworks Feature, Glendale - Crowds Artist (click here)
  • DNEG, Montreal - Crowd Technical Lead (click here)
  • DNEG, London - Lead Crowd TD Feature Animation (click here)
  • DNEG, London - Crowd TD Feature Animation (click here)
  • DNEG, Mumbai - Creature TD Crowd (click here)
  • ILM, Sydney - Lead Crowd TD (click here)
  • ILM, Sydney - Crowd TD (click here)
  • ILM, Sydney - Creature TD (click here)

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