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With the new on-set regulations, studios are going to need more & more CG crowds, but unfortunately Crowd Artists are a rare resource. Enhance your resume with crowd skills!

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Whats New in Golaem 7.3

Learn about new USD plugin, morphology variations, scattering and animated fur

Golaem Quickstart

Learn about the Golaem workflow with a live demo. Update your skills to follow later tutorials

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Using your own characters

Learn how to use your custom characters and animate them in Golaem

Golaem Layout

Learn how to retake your simulations or setup a scene entirely in Layout. So easy that anyone can do it!

Shading / Render Best Practices

Learn how to setup shading diversity, control shading in shot production, and setup a render workflow

Making Characters Walk Around

Learn how to make your characters move into your shots

Behaviors & Triggers

Learn how to give life to your characters and make them react to events

Making Covid Simulation (with ChOps)

Learn how create a Covid dispersion simulation using Golaem Channel Operators (aka ChOps)

Traffic Simulation

Learn how to simulate traffic with Golaem from a simple curve network input

Flock Simulation

Learn how to control birds, insects, fishes with Golaem flocking algorithms

Battle Simulation Part 1

Simulate archers and falling characters hit by arrows

Battle Simulation Part 2

Make soldiers charge at each others and fight

Battle Simulation Part 3

Make soldiers keep a formation

Battle Simulation Part 4

Catapults, Emitters, Dynamics

Battle Simulation Part 5

Final Shot Creation

Physics Best Practices

Setup your characters for physics & learn about the various physicalize modes

Environment Interaction

Use Crowd Rigid Bodies to make character interacts with their environment

Cloth Simulation

Learn how to simulate cloth efficiently with Golaem!

Locomotion Set

Learn how to create a Locomotion Set for Golaem!

Using Reallusion Characters

This tutorial explains how to import and animate a character from Character Creator with Golaem

SetFormation Behavior

This tutorial explains how to make your armies keep a formation using the SetFormation behavior