Golaem Academy: Find your way through the crowd!


Get Inspired!

Want to know what life as a crowd artist looks like? Read trough our Story of a Crowd Artist article series

Kriztian Kinder
Tristan Saindon
Yannick Cibin
Kangjoo Kang
Junghyun Joo
Dan Warom
Logu Perumal
David Raymond
William Bobant
Sallu Kazi

Train Yourself For Free With Golaem Academy!

After the success of the first Golaem Academy, we are back!

In the meantime, we have seen many studios build their crowd department. We have also seen existing crowd department getting bigger and bigger. Crowd artists are more wanted than ever.

Several artists from the first Golaem Academy are now working in crowds. Golaem wants to give you the same opportunity with this new Golaem Academy session!

What's in Golaem Academy?

  • 5 training sessions
  • Golaem Academy Project assignment
  • Review of your assignment by the Golaem team
  • Endorsement on the Golaem Artists page if your project is selected for the Golaem Academy reel

What do I need to enroll?

  • Have access to a computer with an internet connection and running Maya for the assignment
  • No money, it's FREE!
  • Fill in the form on this page

They got a job in Crowds after Golaem Academy

Alexis Charroin
Crowd Artist
Mikros MPC
Adriano Sanna
Crowd TD
Vincent Rigaud
Crowd Artist
Mikros Animation

Detailed Training Program

Quickstart / Stadium

Tuesday, May 10th
9am - 1pm PT / 6pm - 10pm CET

  • Golaem Academy Introduction
  • Golaem Basics (Installation & Quickstart)
  • Populating a Stadium
  • Simulating a Mexican Wave (Behaviors / Triggers Basics)
  • Rendering / Layout Workflow

Armies Walking In Formation

Thursday, May 12th
6pm - 10pm CET / 9am - 1pm PT

  • Using Custom characters with Golaem
  • Navigation and Locomotion Basics with Armies

Exploding Soldiers, Archers and Flocking

Monday, May 16th
9am - 1pm PT / 6pm - 10pm CET

  • Exploding some soldiers (showing Physics Simulation)
  • Archers (using Emit behaviors and Physics Simulation)
  • Flocking (recreating the Hand Of Bat shot from Dracula Untold)

City Simulation

Wednesday, May 18th
9am - 1pm PT / 6pm - 10pm CET

  • Pedestrians simulation in a city environment
  • Traffic Simulation
  • Link between pedestrians & Traffic (using ChOps / Perception)

Bonus Session: Golaem Engine

Tuesday, May 31st
9am - 11am PT / 6pm - 8pm CET

  • Golaem Engine
  • Golaem in Unreal Engine

From May 19th
to June 2nd

Work when you can on your Golaem Academy Project

Sunday, June 5th, 11:59pm PT
Monday, June 6th, 9am CET

Deadline for sending rendered projects

Golaem Mixer

Wednesday, June 8th
9am - 12pm PT / 6pm - 9pm CET

  • Tutorials on What’s New in Golaem 8
  • Golaem Academy Projects Review
  • Overview of currently opened job offers
  • Q&A


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