Golaem Academy: Find your way through the crowd!

Golaem Academy is a free yearly training program allowing you to learn crowd simulation with Golaem from scratch.

Get Inspired!

Want to know what life as a crowd artist looks like? Read trough our Story of a Crowd Artist article series

Kriztian Kinder
Tristan Saindon
Yannick Cibin
Kangjoo Kang
Junghyun Joo
Dan Warom
Logu Perumal
David Raymond
William Bobant
Sallu Kazi

They got a job in Crowds after Golaem Academy

Alexis Charroin
Crowd Artist
Mikros MPC
Adriano Sanna
Crowd TD
Vincent Rigaud
Crowd Artist
Mikros Animation

Catch up with Golaem Academy #2 (2022) !

Quickstart / Stadium

  • Golaem Academy Introduction
  • Golaem Basics (Installation & Quickstart)
  • Populating a Stadium
  • Simulating a Mexican Wave (Behaviors / Triggers Basics)
  • Rendering / Layout Workflow

Armies Walking In Formation

  • Using Custom characters with Golaem
  • Navigation and Locomotion Basics with Armies

Exploding Soldiers, Archers

  • Exploding some soldiers (showing Physics Simulation)
  • Archers (using Emit behaviors and Physics Simulation)

City Simulation

  • Pedestrians simulation in a city environment
  • Traffic Simulation
  • Link between pedestrians & Traffic (using ChOps / Perception)

Bonus Session: Unreal Workflows

  • Cache Workflow
  • Real-Time Workflow

Golaem Mixer

  • Tutorials on What’s New in Golaem 8
  • Golaem Academy Projects Review
  • Overview of currently opened job offers
  • Q&A


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