Golaem Academy: Find your way through the crowd!

The Golaem Academy has already started!

We are sorry if you could not register, but you can catch up the 16 hours of training with the videos below.

In the midst of the Covid crisis, productions are starting again with adapted production protocols which are making crowds more and more critical. Crowd artists are therefore more wanted than ever.

Golaem wants to give the opportunity to pursue a career in crowds to whoever wants to and therefore decided to create a special event called Golaem Academy.

What's in Golaem Academy?

  • 4 x 4 hours of training sessions
  • Assignments on typical use cases: stadium, battles, city
  • Review of your assignments by the Golaem team
  • Endorsement on the Golaem Artists page if one of your assignment is selected for the Golaem Academy reel

What do I need to enroll?

  • Have access to a computer with an internet connection and running Maya for the assignments
  • Commit to follow the 4 training sessions and do at least 1 assignment
  • No money, it's FREE!
  • Fill in the form on this page


Contact us here

Detailed Training Program

Thursday, 15 April, 9am-1pm PT (6pm-10pm CET)

  • Training Introduction
  • Installation / Configuration at first launch
  • Quickstart
  • Rendering / Layout
  • Converting characters & motions for Golaem
  • Setting up visual diversity
  • Terrain & NavMesh

Friday, 16 April, 9am-1pm PT (6pm-10pm CET)

  • Stadium Crowds Placement
  • Mexican Wave (Introduction to behaviors, behavior editor & triggers)
  • Cloth Simulation based on Character Pack / Flags
  • Large crowd simulation tips (LOD, simulation split, proxy duplicate...)
  • Stadium Layout

Monday, 19 April, 9am-1pm PT (6pm-10pm CET)

  • City Crowds
  • Navigation & Path-Finding
  • Locomotion basics
  • Ground Adaptation
  • Traffic Simulation
  • Flock Simulation

Tuesday, 20 April, 9am-1pm PT (6pm-10pm CET)

  • Battle Crowds
  • Physics Simulation
  • Cloth Simulation Arrow shooting with Emit / Master Slave behaviors
  • Custom Behavior creation with ChOps
  • Battle Layout

From April 20th to May 2nd

Work when you can on the given assignments

Sunday, 2 May, 11:59pm PT (Monday, 3 May, 9am CET)

    Deadline for sending completed assignments

    Thursday, 6 May, 9am-1pm PT (6pm-10pm CET)

    Assignments reviews