6 best student projects done with Golaem last year

At Golaem, we love helping students deliver great projects. 2015/2016 was a prosperous academic year and we were so lucky to have lots of incredible projects. Here is our selection!

By the way, did you know that Golaem was free for academics & students? No joke!

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Several students got noticed thanks to their Golaem project and were able to get a Golaem Artist job in renowned studio. Why not you or your students?!

Red Dawn

by Jean Burtschell from ArtFx

Jean did a great work populating shots with slaves carrying out various tasks. Although he was using a very early version, he grasped at once the purpose of the Golaem Layout Tool for this kind of shots

Charlie Et Ses Grandes Dents

by Chao Hao Yang from Supinfocom Rubika

Chao Hao populated the whole disco club with rabbits and even created a wheat field physically reacting to the main character navigation with Golaem


by Jordan Sautron from ICAN

Jordan clervely used a set of parkour motion to create this incredible video with Golaem, after just 2 days of training at ICAN!

Invasion Day

by Dimitri Trouvé from ISART

Dimitri set up a panicking crowd in a destroyed Paris for this incredible end-of-year short movie

Demo Reel

by Romain Le Guillerm from ISART

Romain demonstrated the full extent of his talent over three shots: zombies falling down a cliff (with physics simulation), a wheat field, and a street filled with people

Demo Reel

by Agata Cichosz from Lodz University of Technology

Agata created several shots including armies in formation or running at each others, complete with fx integration.