Best Student Projects 2020/2021

Here is our yearly selection of the best student projects using Golaem!

By the way, did you know that Golaem is free for universities & students? 
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Learning crowds is a smart way to give a boost to your career! Because of the new regulations and way of working on-set introduced by the Covid crisis, the demand for Crowd TD is getting higher and higher.

We have lost count of people we heard learning crowds with Golaem and landing a job in a top notch studio within a few months.
The latest is the story of Félicie Havas, who is now working at Method Studios  ===>

Star Kong

by Eloi Vidal from ISART

Ok, we are cheating a bit: Eloi graduated from ISART in 2020, but his demoreel was so great we could not miss sharing it here!

After the yearly Golaem training at ISART (4 days on-site with our Product Manager), he used Golaem to populate the Star Kong graduation movie. It features impressive World War Z like shots relying on Golaem simulation features.

After freelancing on a few crowd projects, Eloi is now a Crowd Artist, working on an animated movie at Mikros Animation.

The Ant

by Marc Mesa from FX Animation

Marc is working on a Ant themed short movie. The snippet video he shared looks very promising and shows hundreds of ants climbing a hole.

Marc successfully handled the multiped character setup, shown briefly at the end of the video, as well as the transition between the hole and the ground, a typical shot use case.


by Meg Coleman and Casey Kwan from Vancouver Film School

During her studies at VFS Meg wanted to explore technical topics, among them crowds, and Casey had a movie plot just suited for this. So, together they created Pedestal, a movie about the tribal nature of business and the quest to climb the corporate ladder.

Meg had only started using Maya for a few months when she contacted us. We were surprised how by how fast she got her first results using Golaem physics to make people brawl and climb the pedestal. She is now working an associate technical artist for Electronic Arts.

You can find more information about the project on the Pedestal website

Underwater Coral Reef

by Geraldine Rethathi from FX Animation

Geraldine populated her short project with fishes animated with Golaem, relying on Golaem's flocking features.

She did all the work on the shot: fish rigging and movement animation, crowd simulation, environment set preparation, general illumination and other light effects such as caustics and scattering.


by Garance Duchêne Ribas and her team from ISART

Garance used Golaem to populate the fields of her graduation movie with cute corn cobs. Jack, a scarecrow become friend with them and will fiercely defend them against the farmer's harvester. 

Golaem may not be the first tool you would think to when needing to populate a field, but as Garance cleverly understood it, it may quickly become handy as it enables you to generate some variations in the field, as well as to tackle advanced simulation with physics.

Garance is now working at Fortiche, which funnily also simulate a field with Golaem for a League of Legends tournament trailer.

Bonus! Scarecrow Breakdown

Take a closer look at the corn simulation shots in Scarecrow thanks to this nice breakdown!

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