Best students Golaem projects in 2016/2017

At Golaem, we love helping students to deliver great projects. Here is our selection from the 2016/2017 projects.

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This year again, several students got noticed thanks to their Golaem project and were able to get a crowd related job in renowned studio. Why not you or your students?!


by Yohan Thireau from MOPA

When marine wildlife has to adapt to the pollution surrounding it, the rules of survival change... Yohan did a great jobs animating hundreds of  cap-topped crabs climbing on a fish with Golaem.


by Paul Gaulier and Julie Mansuy from ISART

After a few days of training, Julie and Paul came up with this LEGO fan film project. We were quite surprised by the level of quality they achieved in a short time.

Zombie Project

by Alexander Turk and ​Jason Toussies from ISART

After a few days of Golaem training at ISART, Alexandre and Jason simulated Mixamo zombies with Golaem rendered in Unreal. We recently had several requests about using Unreal to render Golaem crowds, they just did it!

Golaem Battle

by Jordi Camps Illa from FX School

Before working on the Army of the Dead for Game of Thrones at El Ranchito, Jordi was trained at FX School Barcelona by the talented Oscar Marquez. Here is his student crowd project

Demo Reel

by Joe Ponsford from University of Portsmouth

Joe is the perfect combo, a mocap + crowd TD. As a wise man said "a nice crowd starts with good motions" and Joe demonstrates it in his epic battle project

The Beast Of Brecon

by Ben Brown & Madeleine Orchard from University of South Wales

A couple of adventurers go on the search for the mythical 'Beast of Brecon'! Madeleine & Ben created a dinosaur model/rig and animated a horde of it with Golaem.

Droids on Kashyyk

by Christian Sovis from SAE Institute

Christian used Golaem to create an army of wookies defending their island against droids.