Golaem and Nixolas in Digital Production

Our friends from Digital Production (https://www.digitalproduction.com/) recently published an issue including a comprehensive overview of available Crowd Simulation software, and obviously Golaem was in the selection!

Actually, the Golaem part even include 2 articles, as on top of a test by Digital Production the issue includes an interview with Nixolas (http://www.nixolas.com), the well known magician who created the hilarious Pokemon, Star Wars, Lego... videos using Golaem.

Our favorite parts of the interview:

"I remember having to quote on a job that required a stadium shot, and after installing Golaem and using their extremely helpful resource of tutorials and knowledge-base, I was able to put together a test that I could ship to the client in under a couple of hours. The rest of the work really involved custom models, rendering, and scene setups depending on the shot at hand. I was able to jump from a couple of weeks of work and in-house  development to around a day or two, depending on the assets needed. Since Golaem comes with an amazing character pack – 9 times out of 10 you have everything you need to get started on a basic industry standard job."
"One amazing feature that was introduced recently was Golaem’s Simulation Cache Library. With this feature, you’re able to create simulated crowd assets that are organized for you in this little window. Say you have to populate a city street and you have access to animations of people walking, leaning against the walls, smoking a cigarette, having conversations with each other, selling something on the street. [...] With Golaem’s Simulation Cache Library, I could create asset scenes where each scene would hold one behavior needed, like people walking down the sidewalk in a straight line, passing each other, another would be a few variations of people conversing with each other, etc. You can bake these out and add them to your Simulation Cache Library. Now I can go to the 5 or 10 shots needed to populate the streets, and literally drag and drop each of these behaviors. It will create a crowd proxy and you’re ready to go. Coupled with the Cache Layout Tool that I mentioned earlier, you can create a completely complicated crowd scene in minutes once your library is set up."
Read Nixolas' interview (in english) Read Golaem test by Digital Production (in german)