Landauer crowd breakdown by Lavalabs

Lavalabs, a creative and innovative VFX studio based in Germany created all crowds for "Landauer - Der Präsident", a movie about a popular president of the FC Bayern Munich. They provided us with a great crowd breakdown!

Kurt Landauer laid the foundation for the most successful football club in the post-war German history. A former player of the FC Bayern Munich, Kurt Landauer was first appointed as its president in 1913, but had to leave because of the WWI. He was elected again when he returned after the war, but had to leave germany due to the rise of the nazis in 1933. After being arrested and sent to Dachau, freed 33 days later, he had to emigrate to Switzerland. He returned again to Munich after the war and assumed a third tenure as president. 

Lavalabs created loads of Visual Effects to recreate WWII germany as well as the historic FC Bayern Munich stadium which they populated with thousands of supporters. Golaem Crowd and its character pack enabled them quickly create diversity in the stadium as well as on the roofs of the surrounding buildings.

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