LookFX uses Golaem Crowd for Warm Bodies Boneys

Look Effects contributed to all VFX effects for the recently released zombie movie Warm Bodies. They had to create a post apocalyptical world filled with zombies and their arch enemies: the Boneys. Two species which like to gather as hords.

Source: ART of VFX

According to Dan Screcker, VFX Supervisor at Look Effects, in Digital Media World: "When handling the large groups, up to 50 in one frame, we usually used the Golaem crowd plug-in to import all the models for the backgrounds, with the hero Boneys in the foreground keyframed by hand. Inside Golaem, we could make a few variations like size and proportions and then after the models were in place, individual colour correction could be done to further randomise the look."

The crowd shots are scattered along the whole movie, but the final chasing shot was the one which most impressed our Product Manager when he saw the movie last week-end.

Have a look at this vfx breakdown from Look Effects. We hope to be able to show more soon.

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