Meet Golaem at Siggraph Vancouver, August 10-14.

We will be happy to hear about your next crowd challenges and show you all novelties in Golaem Crowd. Meet us on the Golaem booth on French Pavillion #921 or attend our course on crowd simulation algorithms.

Golaem Crowd 3 has been extensively used by major studios for upcoming feature films (hint) and these cooperations resulted in many cool features and user experience improvements. We also come with a bunch of unannounced features showcased in an impressive demo made using a MayaGolaem Crowd / Yeti / Arnold  pipeline.

If you want to learn crowd simulation in-depth, we will also be given a lecture on the topic together with academic pundits Ming Lin and Julien Pettré, as well as Unity Software Developer Mikko Mononnen.

Under The Hood

New Generation of Microscopic Crowd-Simulation Algorithms

Learn from academic & industry experts about the theoretical, technical, and practical aspects of crowd-simulation algorithms.

Sunday, 10th  10:45am - 12:15pm
Exhibit Hall A

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Workflow Overview

Artist-Friendly Crowd-Simulation with Golaem Crowd

Nicolas Chaverou, Golaem Crowd Product Manager, will give a brief overview of the Golaem Crowd simulation and rendering workflow. 

Tuesday, 12th 12:00 - 12:20pm 
Wednesday, 13th 2:20 - 2:40pm
booth #921

Hands-On Demos

Meet with our Team

Meet the Golaem Crowd Product Manager and our CTO to get a live demo of the latest features in Golaem Crowd.

booth #921

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