Meet the Golaem team in Vancouver for Siggraph 2018

Attending Siggraph? Discover how Golaem can populate your scenes very fast, whether with crowd simulations, or using Golaem Layout Tool. Get excited about Golaem new features:  nodal Layout Tool, Unreal Engine integration and much more!

Check out the agenda, and join us!


Meet with the Golaem Team on our booth and get a live demo of the latest features in Golaem.

Tuesday 14th - Thursday 16th
Siggraph Exhibition floor, booth #725

Golaem User Group

Get together with Golaem users and people interested in crowds while enjoying a few drinks.

Monday 13th 6 - 9pm
Ask your favorite Golaem guy for an invitation

VanCG Meetup

Get an overview of Golaem through its usage in the industry and live demo.

Thursday, 9th  6pm
The Network Hub - 3rd floor - 422 Richards St
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