Mikros Image shakes crowds with Orangina and Golaem Crowd

Mikros Image filled the coliseum of the latest Orangina commercial with more than 20 000 Golaem Crowd spectactors cheering at gladiators. Combats end unexpectedly with a lot of water and fun.

Orangina renew itself with the "Shake the World" campaign, produced by Soixante Quinze and directed by Matthijs Van Heijningen. Mikros Image was responsible for the all visual effects: 45 shots, including 9 crowd shots.

Michael Etienne, Crowd TD, explains "​We achieved the effects of this commercial in a record time of 18 days. We had a team of 20 people. 2 of them were in charge of producing models and specific motions for the crowds and I was in charge of crowd simulations."
He continues: "Golaem Crowd allowed us to produce quality and realistic images very quickly. One of the challenges was to match the CG crowds with the real plates, and Golaem Crowd did the job thanks to the powerful animation engine and the geometry and shading diversity management tools"

When asked about the shot he is most proud of, Etienne says "The final shot was the most interesting one. It’s a full CG shot that combines crowds filling the whole coliseum, and crowds interacting with the water of the giant pool (with divers and swimmers). Our animator provided us with diving animations that we fed into Golaem Crowd, and we placed characters along the pool. We constrained geometries to the bones of crowd characters, and the FX artist used them to calculate the fluid simulation into Houdini."
After this big success, Mikros Image is now working on another commercial for the car industry where they are filling a moving stadium with Golaem crowds. Stay tuned!
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About Mikros Image
Mikros image is a post-production house, specializing in high-end digital visual effects and animation. Founded in 1985, Mikros image serves the entire entertainment industry including feature films, advertising, TV, video games and experiential events.
Headquartered in Paris, with offices in Brussels, Liège and Montréal, Mikros Image is home to a robust artist community that works on over 400 projects a year across the entertainment industry.
As an award winning studio, Mikros Image has been part of many celebrated projects.
The features animation division has built a strong creative team that has worked on a number of major animated films including the recent releases of le Petit Prince and Asterix: le Domaine des Dieux as well as Mune, which was awarded best animated film in Tokyo festival this year. In 2010 the team worked on Logorama which won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.
In advertising, Mikros Image’s work includes campaigns for marquee brands like Evian, Dior and Audi. and has won three Visual Effects Society Awards for its work on Citroen C3 Dog, Dior J’adore and Canal+The Bear.