Motion Retargeting for Crowd Simulation, our DigiPro 2015 paper

We were delighted to present Golaem Crowd motion retargeting techniques at ACM DigiPro 2015 this summer. Today we are sharing our full paper as well as slides and videos. You should definitely check the other amazing DigiPro 2015 presentations by Pixar, Dreamworks, ILM and Iloura which are available on the ACM Digital Library.

Amongst the various tools embedded in Golaem Crowd, it includes a dedicated character animation engine. Golaem Crowd animation engine allows real-time motion retargeting as well as interactive motion synchronization and blending.

For this talk, we detailed the Golaem Crowd motion retargeting workflow, as well as its features and how it helps solving production constraints by reducing the number of assets to create and by facilitating the reuse of assets.

Indeed, in a crowd simulation context, motion retargeting has several benefits. A same motion can be used for several character morphologies helping to reduce the number of motions to capture, process or create. It also allows reusing motions created for a specific character, in a previous show, on a new character.

Here are the slides and videos from our talk:

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