Grid VFX populates cities and creates epic battles in Redbad

Grid VFX used Golaem to deliver epic battle shots in Redbad, a Dutch movie depicting the power struggles and wars between the Frisian Redbad and his sworn enemy Pepin of Herstal, Lord of the Franks. VFX Supervisor, Laurens Bekaert, gave us some hints about how their work and workflow.

El Ranchito creates hordes of White Walkers for Game Of Thrones S7

El Ranchito used Golaem to create a White Walkers army surrounding the Brotherhood in a daunting moment of Game Of Thrones Season 7. They kindly detail their process and pipeline for us.

Mesmerizing crowd timelapse for Nissan by Luis Montemayor

Luis Montemayor created time-lapsed passersby in a commercial for Nissan Altima by using Golaem and Clarisse. He kindly detailed his workflow and provided us with breakdowns and test scenes!

BlueBolt brings armies to life with Golaem

BlueBolt delivered amazing battle shots for Carnival Films’ The Last Kingdom and BBC’s War and Peace. 3D Generalist, Yannick Cibin and Animator, Juan Gill give us some details about these projects and explain how Golaem helped their armies come to life!

Red Sky Studios creates amazing crowds on a budget with Golaem

Red Sky Studios delivered more than 300 shots, nearly all of them including crowds, for the american sports drama Woodlawn, released theatrically on october 16th 2015.

Atomic Fiction creates epic crowds for Game Of Thrones Season 5

We are thrilled to announce that Atomic Fiction used Golaem Crowd for Game of Thrones, one of our favorite show. They delivered impressive shots giving life to the Dothraki Horde, the Stannis Army and the Bolton Cavalry.

Mikros Image shakes crowds with Orangina and Golaem Crowd

Mikros Image filled the coliseum of the latest Orangina commercial with more than 20 000 Golaem Crowd spectactors cheering at gladiators. Combats end unexpectedly with a lot of water and fun.

Milk VFX recreates the Battle of Waterloo for BBC TV drama

Milk VFX recently completed 1000 shots for the BBC’s television drama Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. One of the VFX highlights was the Battle of Waterloo, including 50,000 soldiers simulated with Golaem Crowd.

Rhythm & Hues spreads fire and blood in Game Of Thrones

(Spoiler Alert!) Rhythm & Hues used Golaem Crowd to populate the Meereen fighting pit with thousands of spectators cheering at fighters and then fleeing in front of an unexpected danger.

Alf Lovvold powers Mixamo zombies with Golaem Crowd

Alf Lovvold is a 3D Generalist, cofounder of Gimpville studio. He used Golaem Crowd to animate hordes of Mixamo zombies for his personal project "Dawn of the planet of the zombies and the giant killing plants..."