Golaem Features

an intuitive and powerful toolset

Golaem allows you to find the right creative approach whatever your shot.

Its rich toolset lets you choose to work in the way best fitting your skills, delays and quality requirements.

Already integrated in your favorite tools and providing a comprehensive MEL/Python API, Golaem is easy to integrate in your pipeline.

geometry & Shading variation

  • Automatic props distribution
  • Custom distribution rules
  • Morphological variations
  • Per-particule based distribution
  • Switch / HSL multiply shaders

Procedural Animation

  • Motion retargetting
  • Ground adaptation
  • Parametric locomotion
  • Customizable transitions
  • Synchronized motions
  • Channel controlled animation
  • Look at / IK behaviors

Render Previz & Visual Feedback

  • Efficient skinned mesh viewport previz
  • Character attributes display
  • Selected character inspection panel

Simulation Layout Tool

  • Timeline scrubbing
  • Character manipulators
  • Character duplication
  • Character assets live edit
  • Character animation offset
  • Import character full animation for retake
More About Golaem Layout

Behavior editor

  • Visual programming
  • Built-in behaviors (animation, navigation, physics, flocking...)
  • Built-in operators (sequence, parrallel, random...)
  • Custom behaviors library

Custom Character & Motions

  • Custom rigs
  • Bipeds, quadrupeds, multipeds, bikes...
  • Blend shapes
  • Squash & stretch
  • Blind data
  • Motion correction
  • Motion loop detection & blending

Placement Tools

  • Parametric placement (distance, noise,...)
  • Component mode (vertices, faces...)
  • Paint/texture placement (with color based density)
  • Layering
  • Obstacle awareness
  • 3D placement
  • Clustering, slope fall-off,...

Path-Finding & Navigation

  • Automatic obstacles detection
  • Random and target based path-finding
  • Obstacles and characters avoidance
  • Formations
  • Painted vector fields
  • Maya fields / NParticle support
  • Flocking (for birds, fishes...)

Traffic Simulation

  • Automatic road creation based on Maya curves
  • Automatic traffic lights creation
  • Automatic avoidance
  • Ground adaptation
  • Customizable traffic lights timing
  • Customizable vehicles size, speed...

Physics Simulation

  • Nvidia PhysX integration
  • Explosions / falls / attraction forces
  • Servo force (mix animation with physics)
  • Environment interaction
  • Walk / Pile on other characters
  • Detachable props

Environment Interaction

  • Built-in triggers (zone, distance, collision...)
  • Fade in / fade out ramp triggers
  • Channel system (get bone orientation, position, behavior status...)
  • Constrain objects to characters (particle systems, additional props...)

Ground Adaptation

  • Automatic ground adaptation (feet position/orientation)
  • Customizable root orientation (based on terrain, fixed, ppAttributes...)
  • UV pin mode for simulating unusual terrains adaptation mode


  • 3D placement
  • Wander, seek, flee behaviors
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Perching

Procedural Rendering

  • Automatic Instancing
  • Extensive renderers support
  • Unlimited free render nodes
  • Camera frustum filter optimization
  • Custom renderer API
See Supported DCC/Renderers

FX Integration

  • GPU Cloth Simulation (NVidia Apex)
  • NCloth integration
  • Deformable fur workflow (any fur engine)
  • Locators / Colliders generation
  • Mesh drive
  • Export to Houdini as point cache or procedural geometry


  • MEL / Python API for all commands, tools, nodes
  • Script and SetAttribute Behaviors
  • Swiss knife tool for batch actions on nodes
  • Cache format read/write Python & C/C++ API
  • Custom renderer C/C++ API