Assets Conversion

Note that there are also lots of step by step text tutorials for classic use cases such as Populating a Stadium, Populating City, Creating Formations, Rendering in your favorite software... in the GOLAEM CROWD, GOLAEM LAYOUT, and RENDERING sections

Customizing The Character Pack
Quickly customize the provided Golaem Character Pack Assets to your own needs.

Using Reallusion Character Creator
How to import and animate a character from Character Creator with Golaem

Importing Mixamo Characters
How to import characters from Mixamo and convert them to Golaem format

Using your own assets
Use your own assets and convert them to Golaem format

Converting Animations (by Nixolas)
Nixolas shows how to tweak and import an animation into Golaem

Creating Your Own Locomotion Set
Which motions do you need? How to best convert them, and so on!

Golaem Live! Shading Best Practices
Create shading variations on your characters

Assets Variations
Use the new nodal Character Maker to create characters variations

Golaem Live! Physics Best Practices
Setup your characters for physics simulation and use the different physics modes

Golaemizator Tool: converting characters
Use the Golaemizator tool to convert characters in a few clicks

Golaemizator Tool: converting animations
Use the Golaemizator tool to convert animations to simulation caches in a few clicks