The glmExportCharacter command allows to export a gcha file from a root joint.
string[] glmExportCharacter [-characterFile string] [-rootJointName string] 


Long name (short name) Argument types Properties Description
-characterFile (-cf) string mandatory Name of the character file to export (example : c:/temp/myCharacter.gcha)
-rootJointName(-rjn) string mandatory Name of the root joint to build the character to export. Information is extracted from this root joint, its children and its linked meshes (in hierarchy or via skinCluster). Meshes are configured but not that the asset file is NOT exported by this command.

Return Value

This command the file path of the exported Character File or nothing if the export failed

MEL Examples

glmExportCharacter -cf "c:/temp/example.gcha" -rjn "Reference";
// Result: the path of the exported character file