Golaem Academy

Golaem Academy 2 (2022)

Session #1 Golaem Overview & Stadiums
Installation & Quickstart, Populating a Stadium, Rendering / Layout Workflow

Session #2 Armies Walking in Formation
Using Custom characters with Golaem, Navigation and Locomotion Basics with Armies

Session #3 Exploding Soldiers, Archers shooting arrows
Physics Simulation, Emit behaviors

Session #4 City Simulation
Pedestrians simulation in a city environment, Traffic Simulation

Bonus Session Unreal Engine Workflows
Cache & Realtime worfklows in Unreal Engine

Golaem Academy 1 (2021)

Session #1 Golaem Overview
Installation, 1st launch, Quickstart, Behavior&Triggers, Characters Conversion...

Session #2 Stadium Scenes
Stadium Placement, Mexican Wave, Flags, Stadium Layout...

Session #3 City Scenes
Obstacles, Navigation & Avoidance, Locomotion, Traffic, Flocking...

Session #4 Battle Scenes
Physics Simulation, Sensors & ChOps, Emitting arrows