Golaem Attributes or Per Particle Attributes

Guidelines about using Per Particle or Golaem Attributes

Golaem Attributes or Per Particle Attributes offer different pros & cons, which are summed up here :

  Per Particle Attribute Golaem Attribute
Set/Get it via MEL/Python script YES NO
Usable in channel operators and triggers YES YES
Can have initial states YES YES
Value Per CrowdField NO YES
Value Per Entity YES YES
High performance evaluation NO YES
Editor Component Editor Golaem Spreadsheet

Here are the main points to choose between PP attributes & Golaem ones :

  • Do you need to get values easily in MEL/python and manipulate it ? -> PP Attribute
  • Do you need to have high performance, or value variation within the same frame ? -> Golaem Attributes

Golaem Attributes being more specific that PP Attributes, they are also easier to edit as the Spreadsheet includes some additional filters compared to the Component Editor.