A few steps must be undertaken for Houdini to be able to load and render with the Golaem plugin.

Installing the Golaem For Houdini Plugin

The Golaem for Houdini plugin can be found in its own section on the Golaem Download Page and it has the following directory structure:

Adding Golaem For Houdini to your Environment

Then, for Houdini to be able to find the Golaem For Houdini Plugin, its path needs to be added to the predefined HOUDINI_DSO_PATH environment variable and a couple of others. There are many ways to add a path to an environment variable, however for our test, we chose to create a bat / shell file to launch Houdini with the correct environment.


# Set Environment Variables for Golaem

export GOLAEM_INSTALL_PATH=/home/golaem/Golaem-7.1-Houdini17.5
# Set Environment Variables for Houdini
export HOUDINI_DSO_PATH=${GOLAEM_INSTALL_PATH}/procedurals/houdini:\&
export PYTHONPATH=${GOLAEM_INSTALL_PATH}/procedurals/houdini/python:\&
export HOUDINI_TOOLBAR_PATH=${GOLAEM_INSTALL_PATH}/procedurals/houdini/shelf:\&
export HOUDINI_UI_ICON_PATH=${GOLAEM_INSTALL_PATH}/procedurals/houdini/icons:\&
# Launch Houdini



:: Set Environment Variables for Golaem
set GOLAEM_INSTALL_PATH=C:\Golaem\Golaem-7.1-Houdini17.5
set PATH=C:\Golaem\Golaem-7.1-Houdini17.5\bin;^&
:: Set Environment Variables for Houdini
set HOUDINI_DSO_PATH=%GOLAEM_INSTALL_PATH%\procedurals\houdini;^&
set PYTHONPATH=%GOLAEM_INSTALL_PATH%\procedurals\houdini\python;^&
set HOUDINI_TOOLBAR_PATH=%GOLAEM_INSTALL_PATH%\procedurals\houdini\shelf;^&
set HOUDINI_UI_ICON_PATH=%GOLAEM_INSTALL_PATH%\procedurals\houdini\icons;^&
:: Launch Houdini
"C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini 17.5\bin\houdinifx.exe"


You can also uncomment the line setting the HOUDINI_DSO_ERROR environment variable to 3 in order to get more logs and check what is the issue when loading the plugin within Houdini