Emit Behavior (beEmit) emits new particles, from a bone position of the current character, with an optional offset. Rate, entity type and total count of emitted particles can all be configured in relative attributes. Particles can also be emitted from a Population Tool, see Population Tool Locator, Emitter Attributes

Emit behavior in the behavior editor


  • Behavior Editor / Behavior Library: 
  • Golaem Menu: Crowd Behaviors / Behaviors / CrowdBe Emit Node
  • MEL command: glmCrowdBeEmitCmd;


An Emit Behavior defines the following specific attributes. For common attributes see Behavior Common Attributes.

Emit Attributes

attributes of an Emit Behavior

Note that Emit behavior pre-allocates a given count of particles (and matching entities if used with EntityTypes) for the whole EntityType (shared amongst its entities).

Shared Pool Size

The total pre-allocated particles pool size.

Max Entity Generated

The maximum particles (entities) count generated for each entity using this behavior.

Rate Per Second

The emission rate per second of simulation. Note that first entity will be generated as soon as this behavior starts.

Bone Name

This is the bone where the particle must be spawned. the rightmost icon is an helper to get the bone names list.


The radius of the emitted entity (as it would be in the population tool), if used with EntityTypes.

Local Offset Position Min

The minimum local offset from the bone position and orientation. The particles emission is spanned between these min and max offset.

Local Offset Position Max

The maximum local offset from the bone position and orientation. The particles emission is spanned between these min and max offset.

Local Orientation Offset

When used with EntityTypes, the produced entity will have an orientation matching the bone orientation + this offset.

Out Particle System To emit, the behavior needs to be mapped to a Particle System. If entities are emitted, the particle system must be mapped to a CrowdField. This will be the case if it has been produced by a population tool prior to be mapped here.

EntityTypes Attributes

attributes of an Emit Behavior


The Behavior only emits particles by default. If it must emit entities, the particles must be configured with population information, which is configured here.

see Population Tool Locator, EntityTypes attributes for more information about the EntityType setup.

Per Particle Attributes

attributes of an Emit Behavior


As the behavior emits particles, here are the per particle information.

Show Particle Index

The name speaks for itself

EntityTypepp Name

Name of the particle attribute holding the EntityType number.

RadiusPP Name

Name of the particle attribute holding the radius value.

Enable Conserve Attribute In Particle Shape

By default, Golaem will disable this flag, as Golaem needs to drive the particle with the simulation result. Golaem is responsible conserve, or not, the forces between the frames.

Particle Render Type Shortcut to set the render type of the emitted particles.