ChOp Memory

The Channel Operator Memory allows to store the value from the previous Channel Operator (ChOps) in a temporary buffer and outputs it to the next.

A Channel Operator Memory seen in the Channel Operator Editor (left) and in the Maya Node Editor (right)



A Channel Operator Memory defines the following specific attributes. For common attributes see Channel Operator Common Attributes.

Channel Operator Attributes


If checked, the value of the previous Channel Operator will be stored in the temporary buffer.
If a second Channel Operator node is connected to this node as an input, this attribute gets overwritten by its output value.

Slot Type Type of buffer: float or vector (3 floating values)
Slot Id Id of the buffer used to store the value of the previous Channel Operator
Slot Name Name of the temporary buffer based on the Slot Id. It can then be accessed the same way than a Golaem Attribute (eg. this.attribute.glmChopMemory0A)