Triggers Main Concept

Triggers are built-in and atomic action events which can be combined together with Trigger Operators to create more advanced action events (this combination is called Trigger Graph).

The Trigger Graph can be executed by a Behavior to control their start and stop conditions. They are used to make Entities react to various events, such as an entity entering in a predefined zone, or being at a given distance of something else.

When an Behavior is created, two Trigger Containers are automatically created and attached to it: a Starting Trigger and a Stopping Trigger. Those Trigger Containers will be used to store a Trigger Graph. Here what does a Trigger Graph looks like by default in a Starting Trigger:

Other Triggers can be added and linked in a Trigger Graph:

Modify the root Trigger will update the Trigger Graph to execute each Triggers and Trigger Operators prior to this root Trigger: