New in Golaem 9 (videos)

Simulation Levels
Discover how Golaem 9 allows you to go back to simulation after Layout!

New Animation Engine (mapping)
Discover new possibilities of Golaem 9 Animation Engine & improve mapping process

Handling footprint info with FBX Motions
How to handle footprint information when using Golaem with FBX motions.

Modular Rig
Setup a character using a modular rig thanks to new Golaem 9 animation engine!

New LOD system
Learn how we revamped the LOD system to make it more consistant and easier to use

Custom Skeleton Display
Learn how to customize the bones of your skeleton display!

PlayAnimation Layer
Check out the new PlayAnimation Layer and reanimate characters in Layout

Track Locator
Discover the new Track Locator feature

New If Operator UI
Discover how we made the If operator more efficient

Sharing Behavior containers
How to easily share Behavior containers between EntityTypes

Collision Filters
How to customize the way Physics Simulation take collisions into account

New ChOps outputChannel expression
Check out the new default outputChannel we created to facilitate ChOps design

UI Improvements
Check out some helpers we added to make your life easier