ChOp Accu

The Channel Operator Accu allows to accumulate values from the previous Channel Operators (ChOps) and returns an average, a sum, or the oldest.

A Channel Operator Accu seen in the Channel Operator Editor (left) and in the Maya Node Editor (right)



A Channel Operator Accu defines the following specific attributes. For common attributes see Channel Operator Common Attributes.

Channel Operator Attributes


Which value to output from the accumulated values:

  • Average: will compute and return the average of all accumulated values;
  • Sum: will compute and return the sum of all accumulated values;
  • Oldest: will always return the oldest value in the accumulator.
Nb Frames Number of values to accumulate in the accumulator.
For instance, a value of 1 means it only contains the current input value, while a value of 2 means it contains the current input value and the input value at the previous frame. If a second Channel Operator node is connected to this node as an input, this attribute gets overwritten by its output value.