A few steps must be undertaken for Unreal Engine to be able to load and render with the Golaem plugin.

Installing Dependencies to the Unreal Engine Environment

For the Golaem Editors to work properly, some third party dependencies need to be manually installed. Depending on the Unreal Engine version, you will have to install PySide2 (in python3 folder)

Installing PySide2 (if UE 4.26 or above)

To install the PySide Python module, open a Command tool in Administrator Mode and change the current directory to point to the Unreal Engine installation directory  UnrealEngineInstallDir/Engine/Binaries/ThirdParty/Python3/Win64/. Then, run the following commands:

.\python.exe -m pip install --upgrade pip
.\python -m pip install --no-warn-script-location PySide2
This will install the latest version of PySide2 in your Unreal Engine Python environment

Load the Python Editor Script and the Editor Scripting Utilities Plugins

In Unreal Engine Plugin Window (Edit / Plugins), enable both the Python Editor Script and Editor Scripting Utilities plugins:

Installing the Golaem For Unreal Engine Plugin

The Golaem for Unreal Engine plugin can be found in its own section on the Golaem Download Page and is made of four directories and one .uplugin file:

Adding Golaem For Unreal Engine Plugin to your Environment

Then, for Unreal Engine to be able to find the Golaem For Unreal Engine Plugin, it must be added in the Plugins/GolaemPlugin directory of your Unreal Engine Project. If correctly installed, you should be able to set it in the Plugin list of Plugin Window (Edit / Plugins):