Character Maker Controls

The Character Maker proposes a diversity of controls and shortcuts to manage and combine nodes. This page lists all the classic manipulations helpful in designing and debugging a Skeleton Mapping and a Motion Mapping.

Workspace manipulations

Drag the workspace with ALT+middle-click
Zoom in/out with mouse wheel or ALT+right-click
Frame the workspace to all nodes of the current opened mapping
Frame nodes selection of the current opened mapping
Resize the workspace to the real size
Automatic layout of the workspace nodes


Select nodes

  • Left-click on the node. Use SHIFT key for multiple selection
  • Drag-and-drop inside the workspace to use the rubber selection band

Add a node

  • Drag-and-drop the desired node from the Skeleton Mapping Nodes into the workspace. A new node will be created
  • Press "TAB" key inside the workspace and use the hotbox. A new node will be created
Creating a node with the hotbox

Remove a node

  • Press Delete Key after selecting the node in the workspace
  • Use "Remove" in the context menu
Remove a node with the context menu

Link nodes

  • Use the link button  to draw a link between nodes
  • Drag the mouse while holding the mouse middle-button in order to draw a link between nodes

Link multiple nodes

  • Select multiple nodes for the source or the destination
  • Use the link button or the middle mouse button to draw links from or to the selected nodes

Unlink nodes

  • Drag-and-drop with ALT+mouse-left desired node out of the link
  • Use ALT+mouse-left and drag to draw a razor . Release to cut links
  • Use "Unlink" in the node context menu
Unlink a node

Rename nodes

  • Use "Rename" in the node context menu
Rename a node