A Random Operator (beOpRandom) is used to randomly select one connection among several connections. A weight can be allocated for each connection.

A Random Operator in the Behavior Editor

The order in which connections are added is not relevant. When the Random Operator is evaluated, a random selection is then performed among connections, according to their weight. 

Notice that the random selection is influenced by the random seed of the Crowd Manager.

Each connections, can be switched off by clicking on the arrow of the link.


  • Behavior Editor / Behavior Library: 
  • Golaem Menu: Crowd Behaviors / Operators / CrowdBeO pRandom Node
  • MEL command: glmCrowdBeOpRandomCmd;


Random Attributes

Random Attributes of a Random Operator
Weight Configure an existing connection, by changing:
  • The related weight value.
  • The target behavior, e.g. the Behavior to process if the connection is selected (this Behavior must be a child of the parent Behavior Container). Selecting the "no behavior" option removes the connection and deletes the related entry in the Random Attributes.
Add Create a new connection between the Random Operator and a given Behavior (this Behavior must be a child of the parent Behavior Container). A new entry "Weight" is then added in the Random Attributes, allowing to configure the weight associated to the connection (default value is set to 1.0).


The following example describes an alternative selection between 3 Motion Behaviors (with weight values set up as shown in the Random Attributes description).

A Random Operator processing a random selection between 3 idle animations

When the Random Operator is reached, each connections will be taken into account for random selection depends on their weight.