Set Rendering Type

Original and result of a SetRenderingType layout node, from standard rendering type to "with flag" on, and seed at 1

The SetRenderingType node allows to override affected entities Rendering Type with a specific one (inside the the same character file).

Add node

SetRenderingType node in the Layout Graph Edition panel

Node parameters

Parameters are accessible by double-clicking on the node in the Layout Graph Edition panel:

Note that the renderingType index is only editable if the node in an active layout branch (the layout node needs to know which character it is handling, to be able to display a list of renderingTypes). All the impacted entities must share the same character file. The entnties resulting assets will be computed from a random pick based on the rendering type, the random seed and the number of samples.

SetRenderingType node parameters

Name Name of the node
Active Whether the node is active or not
RenderingType index Index of the renderingType to set
RandomSeed Different seeds apply different random picks on the mesh assets of the rendering type
ShuffleSampling This is the number of different random asset group picks prepared before spanning result to entities assets. The node will be able to issue "ShuffleSampling" different entities as output maximum, and will loop when hitting this count. Using a 10 shuffle sampling on 1000 entities will result in 10 different entities assets picks, spanned over 100 entities each.